Join us for Sunday worship at 9:30 a.m.



Individual connect classes meet during the Sunday School hour for prayer, fellowship and study. 


Trusting God - Jill Bollinger and Glennie Justice (room 128). The Ladies Connect class, Sisters in Grace, will be studying God's Word using Jerry Bridges’ book, "Trusting God," as a springboard. We will explore the scope of God's power over nations, nature, and even (or especially) the details of our lives with the intent of learning to trust Him completely.  

1 Peter - Ian Masterson (room 146). 1 Peter is a letter to believers in Asia Minor (Turkey) that offers encouragement and instruction to believers in a pre-Christian culture. We will a focus on how this letter applies to believers today living in a post-Christian culture.

Acts - Nathan Faulks (room 147). An expositional study of the book of Acts. The aim of this study is to cultivate a love for, and understanding of, the reign of Jesus Christ in His Church. Luke's account of the early church shows how the kingdom of God is proclaimed throughout the world in the midst of suffering.

Age of Opportunity - Pastor Rob (room 127). The teen years are often viewed as years of survival and endurance. The countless arguments over seemingly unimportant issues seem endless and, frankly, wearisome. These years often lend themselves to parents giving up or digging in as opposed to shepherding hearts. Paul Tripp’s book, "Age of Opportunity," is a fabulous work that reminds parents what is of first importance during these years of opportunity: the heart. Our study will seek to unpack Tripp’s wisdom and apply it to our own lives as parents.

Ecclesiastes - Pastor Kurt (room 139/140). What does it mean that everything is meaningless, vanity, a chasing after the wind? Ecclesiastes can be a frustrating book, even a discouraging book. We will look at how to properly interpret this piece of wisdom literature in light of the whole Bible, including how Ecclesiastes can be helpful in evangelism.
Galatians - Fred Goetsch (room 125). The Men’s Connect class will be studying Galatians (starting in chapter 2) verse-by-verse. After we finish Galatians, we will study Ephesians verse-by-verse. We will also have personal prayer time.
Galatians - Dave Marshall (conference room). The class will be a verse-by-verse study of the book of Galatians, including the history and culture during the time of Paul’s writing. The class will include time for the members to contribute during the study.