Join us for Morning Worship at 9:30am. Please enter Door #2 or #3.

Philosophy of Ministry

We are a gospel family committed to being and making disciples of Jesus for the glory of God



• is the good news that Jesus came to save sinners though his substitutionary death and bodily resurrection

• is the truth that continues to shape our lives as disciples of Jesus

• is the story of the Bible about God’s redemptive plan in Jesus to renew all things

• is at the heart of all that we believe, teach, and practice

• is the message that offers salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone


• is a diverse and redeemed people unified in Jesus • worships God in Spirit and in truth

• is committed to intentionally sharing our lives with each other

• expresses mutual care and encouragement

• lives out the truths of the gospel with one another

• practices the Lord’s supper and baptism

• reflects the gospel in the roles of men, women, and children

• depends on God through prayer

• joyfully and generously gives to each other and to the local church


• where God has placed us in our families, communities, neighborhoods, and workplaces

• by participating in God’s mission to form a new humanity

• by blessing others as God has blessed us

• by intentionally loving and serving those around us in practicing acts of mercy, kindness, and generosity

• by supporting and sending others around the world for the furtherance of the gospel